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State Updates & Processing Times

State Updates & Processing Times
During COVID-19


SOS office is operating with a limited staff.


Counter service suspended.
Drop box available.
Online services available.


Secretary of State’s office closed to the public beginning Monday March 23, 2020 until further notice. 

A dropbox will be available for some paper filings.

Expect turnaround times to be approximately 2 business days slower than normal.


Counter service suspended.
Dropbox available for paper filings.
Telephones are not being answered at this time.
Temporary waiver of 2020 franchise tax late fees and interest charges until 7/15/2020 (due date is 5/1/2020).

British Virgin Islands

No update


Effective 3/1/2021, the California Secretary of State's office will reinstate over the counter filings submissions, records requests, apostilles, and UCC filings. 

  • Counter Fees will be required
  • 72hr rule is not being reinstated
  • Expedited or preclearance services are still not available
Cayman Islands

No update


Counter service suspended.
Drop box is currently suspended.
Mail, UPS, and FedEx remain available.
Online service remains available.

Apostilles/authentications can currently only be handled via mail.


Counter service has been suspended. Online and email requests remain available.

Expedited service is available, but evidence will be returned by mail.


The DE SOS has implemented limited public access to their physical location to by appointment only. All other operations remain unchanged.

District of Columbia

DCRA office will be closed to public in-person services from 3/25-4/27.

Online services are still available, as is mail-in service. 

Business Licensing/Registration: Any business licenses, professional/occupational licenses, vending licenses, etc. that expire during the declared emergency will be considered valid, and people will have until 45 days after the declared emergency is over to renew their licenses.

Customers filing 2020 biennial reports between April 2nd and June 1st will not incur the late filing fee. The same is true for trade name renewals.

Many embassies have closed. Please contact RASi for current information on Document Legalizations.


No update


Counter service suspended.

Annual report deadlines for 5/1/2020 have been extended to 6/30/2020. The standard late fee will not be assessed until after 6/30/2020.

The FL Secretary of State will remain closed until 7/27/2020. During this time RASi is still able to submit filings, but the state will not begin processing until they reopen on 7/27/2020. Processing times will be significantly delayed.


GA SOS has suspended over the counter submissions until further notice. 

GA annual registration report filing deadline has been extended to 5/1/2020.


Effective immediately, the Department of Revenue and Taxation has reopened.


Business Services and Bureau of Conveyances (UCC) are closed. 

Online services remain available.


Counter service suspended.
Online and email services remain available.
Expedited services remain available; expect delays.


Stand and wait expedited service remains suspended. Regular expedited service is available.

The Secretary of State’s office submitted an emergency rule that extends filing deadlines for at least 30 days and waives penalties for late filings.

The IL Secretary of State's Chicago Business Services Office (69 W. Washington St.) will be closed until August 6 because of an employee who tested positive for COVID-19.


The SOS will be operating with only essential staff until further notice, as the lobby is now closed to the public.

Expect delays in processing times.



Counter service is closed.
RASi will be able to email filings to the State Department.


Counter service suspended as of 3/23/2020.
A dropbox will be available.
SOS and Business Services Division will be operating with limited staff.


Counter service suspended.


The LA SOS has closed its lobby to the public.

Online filing is available.


Counter service suspended.
A drop box will be available.


Counter service suspended.
Online services are still available.

Annual Report/Personal Property Tax Return deadline has been extended to 7/15/2020. Expiration dates for trade names and name reservations, as well as entity forfeiture dates, will also be extended 30 days after the state of emergency is rescinded.


Expect delays. The MA SOS will operate with limited staff.


Walk-in Service temporarily closed.


MN SOS has closed public access to their building.
Drop box available.


Counter service suspended.


Apostille and authentications are the only paper documents the MO SOS is processing at this time.


Walk-in service is suspended until further notice. Online filing is available.

MT Secretary of State's office will be waiving late fees on business registrations due by 4/15/2020. Between now and 7/15, there will not be an extra fee for late filers.


Counter Service suspended.
Online filing services available.
Emergency apostille needs may be handled by appointment.


Counter service suspended.
Online filing is available.

New Hampshire

Closed to the public.

New Jersey

Limited Counter Service available starting 9/8/2020.

Online services available.

Reduced staff, expect delays in TAT.

New Mexico

Counter service suspended.
All in-person transactions, without an appointment, have also been suspended.

New York

Counter service and fax requests suspended.
Online service is available.
Limited staffing, expect delays.

Many County Clerks have either suspended counter service or closed entirely.
The SOS Office in NYC for Apostilles is closed.


North Carolina

Counter service is suspended.
Appointments required for drop off/pickup.
Online services remain available.

Any annual reports filed with the NC Secretary of State's office will not be considered delinquent until after 6/15/2020. This applies to corporate and some partnership entities with a fiscal year ending 12/31/2019, and all LLCs).

North Dakota

No update


Counter service suspended.
A drop box is available.


Counter service suspended. 
Online services available.


Counter service suspended.
Online service is available. 
Certain services can only be done via mail.
Limited staff, expect delays.



Counter service suspended.

Puerto Rico

Mandatory curfew/shutdown for most businesses through 3/30/2020. 

Annual report deadline for 2019 extended to 7/15/2020.

Rhode Island

Public counter service is suspended without an appointment. 

South Carolina

Counter service suspended.
Online services remain available.

South Dakota

No update.


Drop box service only.
Evidence will be mailed back, expect delays.


Counter service suspended.
Limited staff, expect delays.

US Virgin Islands

Counter service suspended.
Paper filings can be mailed.
Online services are available.
Franchise Tax must be filed and paid online.

Stay at home order has been reinstated for a two-week perio starting 8/17/2020. 


Counter service is suspended.


Counter service is suspended.


Counter service is suspended.
Reduced staffing, expect delays.


Counter service is closed to the public until further notice. 
Filings may be mailed or online service is also available.
Expect delays.

Washington State's Corporations and Charities Division has announced their office hours will be temporarily reduced to 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday. In addition, the office will be closed on Thursday, July 2nd. There will be no processing of work or staff available on Fridays until after August 7th, or until further notice.

West Virginia

The Secretary of State's office is closed.


Counter service has resumed.



Counter service is suspended.

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