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BOC-3 Process Agent

What is BOC-3 Coverage?

BOC-3 stands for "blanket of coverage" as it assigns a person or business to provide trucking coverage in all 50 states.

All trucking businesses must file a BOC-3 form with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This form designates a person or an office to accept service of process, legal documents and other correspondence on your behalf in states you conduct business in and/or travel through. The process agents, also called trucking agents, are third-party companies with the ability to grant BOC-3 filings. You must submit a BOC-3 filing form to the FMCSA in order to complete your motor carrier authority.

BOC-3 Federal Motor Carrier Services

We can serve as your nationwide registered agent as well as your trucking agent of representation with the FMCSA. As always, RASi will provide you the best value in corporate representative service nationwide and on every road in between. RASi offers 2 options for BOC-3 Coverage pricing.

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