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Service of Process

Service of Process & Correspondence

Our Service of Process System

RASi makes each and every service of process its top priority

In recognition of the importance of these documents and the prompt response that is often required, RASi has developed a service of process system to ensure the proper, reliable, and expedient handling of these documents. Upon receipt of a service of process, RASi will:

Instant Notification with Insta-SOP™

Upon receiving a service of process, RASi will immediately scan the service into a PDF-formatted document and upload it to our secure database server. Documents will be maintained and systematically archived on the server for future access. Clients will still receive the standard processing system notifications, reports, and hardcopy delivery as described above (Processing System).


Correspondence refers to compliance-related notices sent from states or other regulatory agencies. These documents often vary by state and/or industry, however most commonly include annual reports, franchise tax reports, and notices of compliance status issues.

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi) goes above and beyond its competitors in the processing of company correspondence. Upon receipt of correspondence, RASi will:

It is important to note that the registered agent does not always receive these notices as some states and regulatory agencies will forward them directly to the company address on file. If your address changes and an agency is not properly notified, you may not receive a notice(s) resulting in a non-compliant or default status. It is also important to keep your registered agent informed of any address change(s), including contact name and email address, for the same reason.

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