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Educational White Papers

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. provides Educational White Papers in an effort to bring awareness and in-depth knowledge to client-relevant topics and industry-related matters. You will find our latest postings below, which can be downloaded for your convenience.

Corporate Basics

What is a Registered Agent

This one page sheet will provide you with quick information on registered agents. Let us help you understand what a registered agent does, what types of registered agents you can choose, and some help......

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Uniform Commercial Code

Quick Guide to Debtor Name

See the recommended text of new statutes regarding the Public Organic Record and debtor names for Registered Organizations and options for Individuals.......

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UCC Revised Article 9 2010 Amendments

This State-by-State Guide will help you understand the new 2010 Amendments to Revised Article 9.

Find out which states follow Alternative A, Alternative B, or did not pass the legislati......

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