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Corporate Amendments, Mergers & Reinstatements

Corporate Amendments

There are numerous business activities or changes that can occur within a company that require the filing of an amendment to the original incorporation/formation documents. An amendment filing is often the first step in making certain company changes official, and are most commonly known as an "Amendment of Incorporation" or an "Amendment of Organization". Some examples of amendment filings include when a company name changes, when additional shares of stock are authorized, or when the stated purpose of the business has been changed. Most amendments are filed in the domestic state, although you may be required to file amendments in foreign states when certain information has changed such as the company name.


When two companies merge into one, a "Certificate of Merger" is among one of the official documents that must be recorded in the domestic state of the surviving entity. There are often numerous internal documents that must be prepared and kept within the company records reflecting the approval of a merger transaction. RASi can assist you with the filing of merger documents, but strongly suggests contacting an attorney to ensure the merger is accurate and legally effective. RASi can also assist with the filing of merger-related documents that may be necessary in foreign states.


Too often companies are so focused on their business activities that they inadvertently overlook corporate governance and compliance matters that affect their legal good standing and authority to transact business within a state(s). Being out of good standing (or non-compliant) can actually have severe consequences including the forfeiture of corporate veil protections and other benefits. In fact within specified time frames, states will often revoke your authority to transact business or even administratively dissolve your company. When a company is in such a status and elects to reestablish good legal standing they must file a "Reinstatement" sometimes referred to as a "Revival". This process involves determining and processing past due annual reports, unpaid taxes, and any related penalties. RASi has years of experience in reinstating companies back into good legal standing and can help you with any compliance or governance issues.

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