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Affiliate Program

RASi Affiliate Program

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi) offers an Affiliate Program which is available to companies that provide a complementary service or maintain an appropriate client-base. By combining our strengths, resources and experience with established service companies, we are able to deliver the best solutions to meet clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

RASi typically enters into Affiliate relationships with companies that are positioned to add value in either the distribution of services, integration of services, or provide sales solutions either geographically or by market segment.

Companies accepted to participate in the Affiliate Program may receive compensation for referrals on an ongoing basis, may utilize RASi marketing resources, and may have access to other services and solutions designed to add value to their businesses.

For more information on our Affiliate Program, please call 888-705-7274 and speak with our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Mr. Ricardo Orozco.

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