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Corporate Kits

Corporate Kits

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi) offers Corporate Kits to accompany the many corporate services provided for all entity types. You may enhance any office with the finest, most complete line of corporation outfits available. These corporate kits are designed for your convenience and to facilitate fast and easy corporate set-up and corporate record keeping. All of our corporate kits use a locking 3 ring binder to keep your documents securely in place and feature additional pockets to help you stay organized.

All Corporate Kits Include:

  • Embossed Record Book
  • Gold-Stamped Company Name (on the record book and seal case)
  • Mylar-Reinforced Index Tabs
  • Metal Hand Seal
  • Stock/Membership Certificates
  • Bylaws/Operating Agreement and Organizational Minutes
  • Transfer Ledger sheets, Corporate Minutes worksheets
  • S Corporation Election Form and Federal Tax ID Number Application

Standard Corporate Kits

The Thrift Kit comes in a vinyl binder with matching slipcase. Your company name can be inserted into a label holder or imprinted along the spine. Available in Black or Burgundy.

$55.00 USD

The Corp Kit comes in many options. Your company name is hot stamped on the spine and can be printed 3 ways: horizontal, vertical straight, or vertical sideways. Available in Black, Burgundy, Green, Blue, Burgundy & Black or Burgundy & Green.

$75.00 USD

The Majestic Kit eliminates the need for a slipcase as this kit is designed to be a self-contained unit with extra strength construction. Perfect for storage or travel. Available in Black or Burgundy.

$110.00 USD

The Royal Kit boasts an extra strength binder detailed in gold with a matching slipcase. The company name is hand embossed in gold on a rounded spine. Available in black, green, burgundy & black, or brown.

$125.00 USD

Electronic Corporate Kits

The Standard E-Corp Kit includes printing instructions, By-Laws/Operating Agreement, 20 certificates, recording stubs, a basic seal, back wording files, a stock/member ledger, and a company name insert for your own binder.

$44.25 USD

The Gold E-Corp Kit contains everything in the standard as well as the ability to issue more certificates and add signatures. The kit also includes a higher end seal available as a separate file and a blank fillable stub sheet.

$73.50 USD

For more information on Corporate Kits or to place an order, please contact a representative in our Client Services Department at (888) 705-RASi (7274). You may also download our fax/email order form to place an order.

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