Effective November 28, 2022, through December 16, 2022, the Delaware Department of State – Division of Corporations will accept a limited amount of preclearance submissions.

The following requirements relating to submission of preclearances are being instituted during this time frame:

  • They will only be accepting preclearances for the following document types:  Mergers, Certificates of Division, Certficates of Domestication, Conversions, Restateds and Designations.
    • In addition, please refrain from submitting multiple preclears of similar documents and only changing the names of the entities.
  • They will only be accepting preclearances through the Priority 4 –  24 hour service.

They will be monitoring the workload through the end of the year and make adjustments as needed. Please contact our team at orders@rasi.com if you have any questions.

Delaware Preclearance Announcement