With American workers spending between 8-9 hours a dayin their office, making it a comfortable space for creativity and productivity is essential. Finding ways to boost the positive energy in your office can help you stay more relaxed and focused while completing your day’s goals. Here are 4 tips to get you started!

  1. Clean up the clutter

Despite the use of email and shared work folders, office desks still seem to be the catch-all for everything we don’t have time to get to right away. Soon the messages, reports, and manuals are competing for space with the empty drink containers and miscellaneous fall-out of a busy work day. Fighting through piles of clutter to find the stapler or last week’s finance report makes work frustrating and your office space messy and uncomfortable. Some quick rules for decluttering:

  • Throw trash in the trash can right away
  • Keep a “to-do” bin and a “finished” bin on your desk so papers don’t get mixed together
  • Use a small desktop organizer for paper clips, staples, pens, etc.
  • Make use of any file drawers and file finished work immediately
  • Stop using sticky notes as reminders. Invest in a small notebook and make a list for yourself of things to accomplish before you leave work each evening, then check it when you first arrive every morning.


  1. Keep an organized calendar

Whether it’s on your phone or on paper, maintain an up-to-date calendar that you can refer to and update frequently during the day. This helps you feel in control of your schedule rather than constantly worrying you’re forgetting something. There are many calendars available that also include tasks lists (as discussed in the last bullet from the previous tip) so you can keep everything in one location. Additional ideas on what to put on your calendar include:

  • Meeting times and place
  • Deadlines
  • Business trips
  • Corporate reviews
  • Vacation time of other employees
  • Personal and family events that overlap your business day.


  1. Set the mood

Often times, it feels like you spend more of your waking hours in your office than you do in your home. With that being the case, it’s important to decorate it in a way that makes you feel calm and productive. One of the best ways to boost the positive energy in your space is to surround yourself with things that make you feel your best. If you’re allowed to paint your office, find a color that inspires creativity and reduces stress. If you can select your own furniture, get pieces that work for your mood as well as your needs. A few other things to consider:

  • If you work in a cubicle, bring pictures, prints, favorite sayings, or small knick-knacks from home that bring a smile to your face throughout the day.
  • Where appropriate, get stationary, notepads, pens, and other office supplies in a color that makes you happy to see.
  • Where possible, set some fresh greenery on your desk to brighten the mood
  • If it doesn’t interfere with work or other employees, play soft music at your desk to boost your concentration.


  1. Get Comfortable

Sitting in a squeaky office chair or trying to type on an awkwardly-placed keyboard can make your office miserable. Speak to your office manager or boss about any equipment that is keeping you from working at your best. Request a replacement or change when possible and be specific about your needs. Some more tips for comfort:

  • Leave a sweater or small blanket at work to help you deal with office temperature fluctuations.
  • Keep a few healthy snacks at your desk in case you’re hungry but can’t get away.
  • Fill a large thermos with water and keep it on your desk so you always have some close by.
  • Position your monitor so you aren’t fighting a glare and adjust your chair-back to a position that makes typing comfortable.


Take a quick look at your office to see which of these tips you can use to boost the energy in your workspace!

4 Ways to Boost the Energy in Your Office