There are a variety of reasons that can prompt your company to start looking for a registered agent. You may be starting a new business and need one in order to stay in compliance with the Secretary of State. Perhaps you’re opening a new office in another jurisdiction and need a registered agent to take care of your compliance needs there. Maybe you had a registered agent selected for you when your attorney finalized your incorporation and now you’re looking for one of your choice, or you might be looking to make a change from the registered agent service you’ve been using. Regardless of the reason for finding a registered agent for your company, there are 3 tips that can help make the process easier.


  1. Search for one that makes the process simple

Look for a registered agent service that takes care of the necessary paperwork in each jurisdiction in which your company operates. They should obtain, complete, and file the paperwork for you and then provide you with the submission confirmation. A good registered agent service will also take care of compliance checks in each jurisdiction where your company is located and compile an entity report.

Finally, look for a registered agent that will pay your processing fees in each state where you operate and won’t charge you anything to make the switch. A registered agent service that takes care of these steps at the very beginning of your relationship are far more likely to take care of all future responsibilities with the same amount of courtesy and attention.


  1. Look for one that allows you to monitor your entities online

In today’s world, having immediate access to all of your entity’s information is essential. Look for a registered agent service that has an online suite of tools that allows you to monitor the status, needs, and compliance calendars for each of your entities. You should also have the ability to create and print reports straight from your registered agent’s online entity portal.

When your registered agent provides you with online tools, you have the ability to manage your entities remotely from any time zone. You can make changes to shareholder information, employee directories, or your customized calendar from anyplace with an internet connection.


  1. Find one that has amazing customer service

You’re trusting your registered agent to take care of your company’s essential compliance needs. That means you want to select a registered agent that provides you with your own account manager rather than allowing you to be passed off to whomever happens to answer the phone. Having your own account manager means working with someone who knows your company and its needs and is prepared to offer you personalized assistance.

Amazing customer service also means getting a prompt reply to your emails or messages. A good registered agent will strive to consistently respond within a half hour of receiving any such correspondence. This ensures your questions are addressed quickly and that time sensitive issues aren’t delayed.


Whatever your reason for looking, these steps will help you find the right registered agent for your company.


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3 Steps for Choosing the Right Registered Agent