Q: Are my annual state business tax filings the same as my annual report filings?

A: No. Your state business taxes and your annual report are two separate filings. Your state business taxes are filed with that state’s Department of Revenue while your annual reports are filed with the Secretaries of State (or similar department if your state does not have an SOS).



Q: What types of information are required in my annual report?

A: That varies depending in which state you will be filing. Most require you to verify or disclose any changes to the entity’s business address, mailing address, phone number, registered agent information, or changes to the structure of your entity. Most states will also ask for the officers that are serving with your entity, or changes to your founding members.


Q: Do all states use the term “annual report” for their required report filings?

A: No. Each state has a different name for their required filings with the SOS (or similar department). You will need to check to see which name your state uses. Examples include:

  • Statement of Information
  • Corporate Information Filing
  • Annual Renewal
  • Biennial Report
  • Biennial Statement
  • Decennial Report
  • Initial/Annual List & Business License
  • Periodic Report
  • Two Year Report
  • Annual Registration
  • Business Entity Report
  • Annual Certificate
  • Business Renewal


Q: Do all states require that the above reports be filed annually?

A: No. While some do require an annual report filing, others require reports to be filed biennially, at different yearly intervals during the month of your entity’s formation, or only on even- or odd-numbered years. In addition, some states have different yearly filing requirements depending on entity type: LLC, LP, Corporation, Domestic, Foreign, Non-Profit, and any combination of these. (For how RASi’s Annual Report Services can track and file these reports for you, click here.)


Q: Do all states have a Secretary of State?

A: No. Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvania have a similar entity called the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah have a Lieutenant Governor, which handles many of the responsibilities that would normally be covered by a Secretary of State.


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Annual Report FAQ