Value Commitment

If you have spent some time exploring our website, you have probably noticed Registered Agent Solutions, inc.'s (RASi's) motto: the best value for Registered Agent services. This statement is not a marketing gimmick, rather it represents our company's absolute commitment to being a value-based company that provides value-based services to its clients. What this means is that we put value into the services we provide, value into the technologies we offer, value into our competitive pricing, and above all else we value our clients and providing them with first-rate service with every transaction.

To ensure that we are upholding our commitment to our values, we periodically survey and assess our competitors and the industry as a whole. RASi reviews pricing and ensures that our pricing is always the most-competitive and no higher than fair-market value. Many other registered agent providers have consistently raised rates in recent years without any market or industry justification. RASi also is an innovative technology leader in the industry that is committed to continually developing user-friendly and resourceful tools for its clients.

As a client, or even a prospective client, we welcome your feedback as well. We value your opinions and suggestions, as we aim to provide you with the best service available. Feel free to contact us if there is something we might be able to do to better serve you and/or others.