Change Registered Agent

Since a registered agent is appointed upon the formation or qualification of a company, your existing company or companies are already using a registered agent provider(s). Often times the person selecting the initial registered agent provider, such as an attorney or accountant, does not relay to the client that they have a choice in providers. Unfortunately, this often results in their client receiving limited services and/or over-priced services. However, the good news is you may request a change of registered agent at any time.

A significant portion of our client base had previously been using other registered agent providers until they learned about our company and subsequently decided to change registered agents to Registered Agent Solutions, inc. (RASi). The decision to change registered agents was most commonly based on several important considerations including customer service, types of services offered, service of process handling, consolidation, and pricing. However, we realize each company is different and has different needs, so if there is an important consideration or question, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will try our best to accommodate your specific service needs.

Fortunately, the process to change registered agents is very simple. Upon your decision to change registered agent providers to RASi, we will perform free compliance/status checks in each jurisdiction requested, provide you with a compliance status report, prepare and file any necessary forms, and absorb any agency fees related to the change of agent filing(s) - no cost or loss of time to you. We value your business and are confident you, like thousands of others, will be happy with your decision to use RASi.

Common Reasons to Change

A significant portion of our client base has evolved as a direct result of companies assessing their current registered agent provider and registered agent needs, and subsequently deciding to change registered agent providers to Registered Agent Solutions (RASi). Although clients often have different reasons for making the change, there are certainly some common reasons which they cite upon making the decision to change to RASi. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Customer Service - Many clients that have changed registered agents to RASi have cited that they had been receiving poor customer service from their previous registered agent provider(s). Much to their liking, RASi is completely committed to providing first-rate customer service. To better serve our clients, RASi operates Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET). In addition to our agent offices in each state, RASi also maintains client service centers on the west coast, central area, and east coast. These centers are staffed with experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly service representatives willing to help you with your diverse service needs. If you still have concerns, we have countless client references that would be willing to provide you with first-hand information and experiences.
  • Services Offered - Another common reason clients have changed registered agent providers to RASi is because of the vast array of services offered. As a national registered agent, RASi is able to provide numerous services that other registered agent providers simply don't offer (or charge enormous fees to access). In addition to national registered agent services, RASi provides transactional services, corporate compliance services, and offers innovative technologies to assist with your company's service needs. Quite simply, we are a one-stop shop that is efficient and cost-effective.
  • Service of Process - The most unfortunate reason why companies change registered agents is because of a mis-handling of service of process. Nothing is more important than the way in which a registered agent provider handles the receipt of a service of process on its client's behalf; to prevent unnecessary legal consequences and penalties. RASi has a time-proven system to ensure that each and every service of process is processed with the care it deserves and that our clients are properly notified. For more information, please see our Service of Process page.
  • Consolidation - A popular reason clients have been changing to RASi is because of the benefits of consolidation. It is much easier to have a single-point of contact for all of your entities and/or all of the states in which you do business. For small businesses, it is easier to start with a provider that can accommodate your future growth and expansion into additional states and/or countries. Additionally, the consolidating billing (paid annually) is preferred and saves time as opposed to the scattered invoicing from using multiple agents or unorganized providers.
  • Pricing/Rates - The most consistent reason given for changing registered agents relates to pricing and value. Many of our competitors increase their rates annually, while RASi has always maintained fair-market value rates. Our rates and service offerings are by far the most competitive in our industry. Moreover, RASi does not nickel and dime clients like most of its competitors do. RASi maintains a Single-Fee Policy that doesn't charge additional fees for DBA's, Trademarks, additional agency listings, etc. RASi is the best value for Registered Agent services in service, technology, and clearly price.

How do I Change Registered Agents?

Contrary to what your current registered agent provider would like you to believe, the "Change of Agent" process is quite simple and seamless. We recommend contacting one of our Sales Consultants to answer any questions or concerns you might have, in addition to finding any eligible discounts that may be available to your company before placing an order. We are confident that you will find the change to be valuable and beneficial to your company in many ways.

For your convenience, RASi has streamlined the Change of Agent process. Upon your request, RASi will provide the following at no charge:

  • Perform Compliance/Status Checks - RASi will research each state that you request a change of agent for to determine the current status of your company within each respective jurisdiction.
  • Provide Entity Status Report - Based on the findings from our compliance/status checks, RASi will provide your company with a report that includes current status, annual report due dates, state ID numbers, DBA/FBN names and any immediate compliance concerns or issues that should be addressed. This is an invaluable tool to ensure your company is in good legal standing.

  • Prepare & File Forms - That's right, no paperwork for you to prepare. Our staff is very familiar with the necessary forms and filing methods to process your change of registered agent. Any forms requiring your signature will be forwarded to you promptly to ensure expedient filing with the proper jurisdictions.
  • Pay Processing Fees - Zero cost to you. All fees incurred by the states for processing your change of agent request will be paid by RASi in consideration of your new business. You will only be responsible for the annual service rate; there will be absolutely no extra charges as a result of changing registered agents.

Why is the Change FREE?

Registered Agent Solutions, inc. (RASi) is a company built on values. We pride ourselves on being the best value for Registered Agent services in the industry. We are absolutely committed to being the best value in service, technology, and price. Above all else, we value our clients!

For those clients looking to try our services, we believe in building valued service relationships. As such, we give consideration to the fact that you are selecting our company for your registered agent and service needs. In return, we like to demonstrate our appreciation and commitment to value by covering all the state fees incurred in processing a change of registered agent. We do this because we are confident that you too will find value in our services and trust in our company. We hope that we can build a long-term relationship with your company, and we want to do it right from the beginning.

We are so confident that you will be happy with your decision to change registered agent providers to RASi that we are willing to put our money on it.

For more information, please contact our Sales Department at (888) 705-RASi (7274).