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Entity Manager

Entity Manager

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi) has developed one of the most innovative integrated web applications for entity record management known as Entity Manager. This service provides one of the most comprehensive entity management tools available on the market and offered through Corpliance to simplify the daily maintenance of entity record keeping. With your entity information already pre-populated in our secure database servers, accessing and utilizing the Entity Manager is simple.

The Entity Manager is extremely efficient, allowing you to access and manage unlimited entities through a single account via any computer with an internet connection 24/7, 365-days a year. Not only is this tool efficient, but clients who have changed to RASi have been very impressed with how user-friendly and intuitive the application is to use. Be up-to-date on your record keeping, be prepared for board meetings with accurate reports, and reduce the cost and stress of corporate maintenance by using Entity Manager. Finally, there is a painless way to keep all of your entity records up-to-date and organized.

Entity Profiles

From an entity listing you can select any of your entities to view. The entity profile section provides you with basic entity information including full legal name, name history, entity type and financial designation, entity domicile information (state of incorporation, date of incorporation, and state ID number), fiscal year-end and crucial federal identification numbers for your reference.

Business Registrations

The business registrations section provides a quick snapshot of all the jurisdictions where your entity is registered. Any relevant jurisdictional information is included in this section, such as state ID numbers, dates of registration, and any forced business names being used.

Fictitious Business Names

The fictitious business name section, sometimes referred to as the "doing business as" names section, allows for the management of voluntary fictitious names. Users can manage and track fictitious business names being used by entities including their filing jurisdiction, filing dates, and upcoming expiration dates to ensure that these important FBN/DBA's do not expire.

Personnel & Contact Management

The personnel and contact management section is ideal for keeping record of employees and important company contacts. For personnel, you may manage important employment information (including salaries and employee reviews), personal contact information, as well as emergency contact information. Users may also lookup important account contact information such as company accountants, legal counsel, or whomever you choose to add.

Officer & Director Information

The officer and director section is a convenient feature that allows you to update any changes efficiently, while also tracking officer & director appointments for corporations along with manager & member appointments for limited liability companies. Users can review individuals' titles, appointment types, terms, term expiration dates, and more.

Stock & Shareholder Information

The stock and shareholder information section is a comprehensive stock management feature that allows for recording, transferring, and cancelling of stock issuances. Users can review stock transaction history on the transfer ledger and shareholder information including overall stock holdings and options. A dividend feature has been added to record and track stock dividend disbursements as well. You can setup and maintain various types of stock that are used for your entities in a painless and well-organized manner.


Throughout the various sections comprising the Entity Manager, users are able to print hardcopy reports of entity information for review, meetings, or other necessary reporting. If a report does not exist for the purposes of which you need, you may request a custom report at any time.

For more detailed information or a demonstration of our Entity Manager, please contact our Sales Department at (888) 705-RASi (7274).

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