Corpliance ®

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi) has developed an advanced corporate compliance and entity management application that is easily integrated into your online account. This web-based application expands upon the already impressive features of the Entity Manager application to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of compliance and entity management tools for unlimited entities. This technology is also available to clients who are not currently using RASi as their registered agent.

Corporate + Compliance = Corpliance

In addition to the features of the Entity Manager and Compliance Calendar applications, Corpliance ® provides numerous advanced features including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Organizational Charts
  • Non-Represented Entities
  • Non-Represented Agency Registrations
  • License & Permits
  • Document Management with Increased Storage
  • Custom Reporting

To learn more about Corpliance ®, please contact a Sales Consultant at (888) 705-7274. You may also request a Corpliance ® Demo.