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Compliance Calendar

Compliance Calendar

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc.'s (RASi's) most popular integrated web application is the Compliance Task Calendar™. This innovative tool is a popular module of Corpliance to simplify the management of statutory obligations including annual report filings. With your entity information already pre-populated in our database servers, accessing and utilizing the Compliance Task Calendar™ is simple. Critical filing dates and requirements will already be posted to your calendar, so you can stop worrying about filing deadlines and stop paying unnecessary penalties.

Accessible 24/7, 365-days a year from any computer with an internet connection, you can perform customized searches and preview upcoming compliance matters or even custom events that have been added by users including high-priority events and past due events. Unlike any other, this tool includes an interactive component that allows the user to mark events completed as well as review historical events. Never before has corporate compliance been so manageable; start using this tool and keep your company in good legal standing.

Interactive Task Management

The interactive task management component allows you to complete a filing online where available, review guidelines when available, record when and who completed the compliance event for future record needs, in addition to reviewing historical events from past years. This component allows the compliance tool to serve not only as a calendar, but as a task list to improve the completion and tracking of important compliance events.

Compliance Events

Compliance events are those events that are automatically included in the calendar event results. With your entity information stored on our database servers, we can determine upcoming compliance events based on the type of company you have and the jurisdictions in which that company is registered.

Custom Events

Custom events are any events that the user chooses to add to the calendar. Custom events can be setup as one-time events or recurring events. This customization allows you to use this calendar as a task management tool for virtually any task you want to manage, track, or complete. The custom event setup is user-friendly and has proven to be an asset to many of our clients.

Event Notes

Event notes are available for both compliance events as well as custom events. In the case of compliance events, any pertinent information related to that compliance event will already be posted in the event notes section for your review. When adding a custom event, you may also post relevant information in the event notes section for future review.

Email Notifications

In addition to accessing the calendar for task management purposes, you may elect to have compliance event reminders automatically emailed to you. This feature is to assist those users that do not utilize the calendar daily, thus reminding them of calendar events that are upcoming and require their attention.


A popular and simple way to complete compliance events when available is to utilize the e-filing feature. For those jurisdictions where an event can be filed or processed online, the calendar will automatically provide the user with a link to the jurisdiction's website to complete the event. This saves you time and money, where as other registered agent providers have withheld this information and subsequently charged service fees to process the event themselves.

For more detailed information or a demonstration of our Compliance Task Calendar™, please contact our Sales Department at (888) 705-RASi (7274).

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