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To further ease the burden of corporate compliance, Registered Agent Solutions, inc. (RASi) offers fully-managed Annual Report Services. Your company is busy enough managing your day-to-day operations, producing products or providing services, doing what you do best. Let RASi handle your annual report filings throughout the year to ensure your company's corporate compliance while you keep focused on what matters the most...your business.

In today's business world, the reality is businesses are often too busy to properly handle and manage the important task of filing annual reports. Unfortunately there are consequences to not filing your company's annual reports on a timely basis, which includes substantial penalties and automatic dissolutions and/or voiding of businesses by the states. When you sign-up for RASi's Annual Report Services you are ensuring that your annual reports are filed on-time and efficiently, thus keeping your company in good legal standing and preventing costly and undesirable consequences.

The Annual Report Service includes compliance status checks, form preparations, client approvals (when necessary), state filings, advancement of state fees, confirmation reports and online monitoring as described in detail below.

Status Checks

Prior to filing an annual report, it is important to determine if the company is in good legal standing. RASi will contact each state for which you have ordered this service to determine the current status of your company and alert you of any compliance issues.

Form Preparations

That's right, no paperwork for you to prepare. Our staff is very familiar with the necessary forms and filing methods in each jurisdiction to process your annual report filings in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We will obtain the most up-to-date forms available and prepare them on your behalf.

Client Approvals

In some jurisdictions, it may be necessary to obtain an original signature from an officer or director of the company. In this case, we will send the prepared form(s) to your attention for signature and approval. We will also provide a report of the estimated state and service fees for your approval as well.

State Filings & Fees

Once the forms are prepared, necessary signatures are obtained, and client approvals are received, RASi will file the annual reports with the appropriate jurisdictions and advance any statutory fees that need to accompany the annual report at the time of filing. With the status checks completed previously, there should be no problems with the annual reports being filed, however any filing issues will be immediately brought to the clients attention.

Confirmation Reports & Online Monitoring

Upon completion of the above-described tasks, RASi will provide your company with a report confirming the filing status of each annual report. You may also monitor the filing status of annual reports via our website at any time.

For more detailed information on our Annual Report Services, please contact our Sales Department at (888) 705-RASi (7274).

Annual Report Service
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